I shot and directed this music video for Rhode Island based hip-hop artist Zumo Kollie.  He is someone I can really get behind, so definitely give his website a look.

Big thanks to //ApKmedia for producing and editing.

Intro video created for the Fordham University 2011 Fashion for Philanthropy show. The theme was New York City and Fordham.

Music By:
Sean Han of Blip Blip Bleep - blipblipbleep.com

"Oh, Darling" - Plug In Stereo

Music video I directed with the ApKmedia team.  Premiered on MTVU (television) as a part of “The Freshman” music video series.

"RolePlay" Teaser from Brendan H. Banks on Vimeo.

Teaser trailer for my latest short film "RolePlay."

Producer: Marshall Buxton
Writer/Director: Brendan H. Banks
Director of Photography: Sam Sparks

Josh Ruben
Cassandra Lee Walker
Zach Lombardo
Caroline Cotter
Matt Van Orden

"RolePlay" Teaser

Teaser trailer for my latest short film.  Check it out!

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Karate Instructional Video: VHS Tape 1

While waiting for talent on set, I decided to exhibit some of my awesome karate skills. Watch and make sure you follow all my rules to stay safe and protected.

"Sick Tonight" - dan le sac vs. scroobius pip Official Music Video

Directed by David Fishel, shot by me and David, and effects by Gloo Studios.

ApKmedia HQ

The ApKmedia HQ is a completely modular space, designed for every application. 

Music by Real Estate

Currently in competition at the 2010 Campus Movie Fest.

Montage created for Fordham’s “Once Upon a Runway” Fashion for Philanthropy show.  Created specifically for the “Villains” section

Just a little something fun for you guys until I release a new video next week…

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